Sims 2's Strangest Mod

WARNING: Chris Hatch is a very perverted individual. So if innuendo and Sims in skimpy outfits make you uncomfortable, feel free to go back to my homepage. Also, this page is going to be loooooong.

Who Made This Thing?

This mod was made by a strange little man named Chris Hatch. It's actually more than just a mod, it's a full-blown expansion pack! Chris is well-known for inserting weird shit into his mods and he is also a misogynist so it's okay to make fun of him. It is unknown when this pack was released but judging by some items probably the mid-to-late 2010s. I've wanted to mess with this for a really long time and now I'm finally doing that. It kind of reminds me of That's Life for TS1 but I don't think A&N was ever sold in stores.

Small Changes

In this pack, every word is changed to the British spelling. DISGUSTING! The trash can outside every house was replaced with a green recycling bin. Also, the "Toss Football" interaction was renamed to "Toss Funny Ball". Alien abduction has also been turned heterosexual! Every PT is an alien woman and Sims get WooHoo memories after abduction. (they still get pregnant though!) They also come home naked with the traditional Sims censor blur. Mystery Sim has also been straightwashed: Women get memories of a "Town Stud" and men get memories of... the "Town Slut".


CAS has several new additions.

There are PAGES of skins for different body types (they all breast boobily).

Most of the new hair and clothes are converted from Castaway Stories, but there's a few custom hairs. Note the new colorful hair category.

The lipsticks are called "Kissable Lips". The thought of Chris kissing anyone makes me want to throw up. The eyeliners look like they were drawn in MS Paint and all the Maxis eyes were replaced with weird sparkly eyes.

I probably have bad taste, but I actually don't hate some of these necklaces. The bunny slippers look silly with all the outfits.

Chris is obsessed with that one white outfit. I bet this is what he thinks all women dress like.

Two (2) new outfits for men. I wonder if this is how he sees himself.

Shocking! An outfit that doesn't show every inch of skin!

The 2000s called, they want their overly-plucked eyebrows back.

This is Felony Crimes and she is going to be the main character of this saga (along with some familiar faces from Strangetown). The cat's name is Inkling.


Some new functional objects and decor!


It doesn't seem to do anything and it says "Nude".

Sexist gnome and girlboss gnome

This actually makes pigeons appear on the lot.

You use her to change a Sim's body type.

Sexy Beach 3 makes the game slow down and even freeze.

"sqeaky sqeegy". That's all.

Sims 4: Horse Ranch looks so good!

This is the bed Felony sleeps in.

A Sim will appear inside the bubble and float around. He just stays there forever.

Look! Here's one of the items that would be really cool if they were made by someone else. This actually lets you send items to other Sims!

As an ugly neighbor, I would rather stay ugly than be beautified by Chris Hatch.

Another description that Chris probably had to take a cold shower after writing. (My friend Tanic Sims 2 first said that line after seeing Sexy Beach 3)

A buyable version of the beach towel from Bon Voyage.

He even made a PODIUM weird!

This mat lets other Sims be bridesmaids and stand with the married couple, which is kind of cute.

Sims can really ride this!

Reminds me of those Power Wheels things that they apparently still make.

"Girls NEED a pink bear! They can't just play with the regular one!" -Chris Hatch, 20XX

It functions the same as the RC car from the base game.

These were originally made by a different modder.

It brings a bus for your Sims to go to lots in.

I did not know this was included when I took pictures for the hospital section, and I don't think I want to see this in action.

This painting has a few recolors, but this one is interesting. Could it be the man himself? The one and only Christopher Hatchington?

Last but not least, we have this thing, which is available in the Party section.

New Interactions

New Locations

The Hospital

The hospital is actually available as a standalone mod, cleaned up by a user called Nyamisims. However, a few traces of Chris still remain... It is a little different in Angels & Nurses since some new features were added.

This is Simmy Central Hospital, one of the lots included in the lot bin. Sims can call an ambulance with the phone and come here if they are sick or about to give birth.

The two nurse NPCs the game generates live here. Their last name is Feelgood. They usually look like Hello Nurse from Animaniacs in other versions of this mod, but they wear the Maxis medical career outfits here.

Filthy cundlikers! They autonomously did this.

Here's the doctor. I don't think that ensemble is good for delivering babies in.

Chris made it so Sims have their water break when they give birth, so Vidcund here had another moment. All a Sim's relatives will show up when the baby is born. Even Pollination Technician Jane Melons came all the way from space!

I named her "Kidcund". All babies have hair and clothes now, and some are born with no eyebrows. Fun fact: If you've heard about the "plan baby outfit" mod, Chris made that.

Looking in the family tree revealed that Kidcund has a half-sister!

The nun's name is Sister Cheeky and I don't know why she showed up. She's part of the religion feature.

Chris can't spell. The second pic isn't actually from A&N but the standalone hospital mod. But I just had to share it because it became a great inside joke with my online friends. The doctor usually has something to say after a baby is born but she didn't say anything about poor Kidcund.

When Sims leave the hospital, they get a memory of visiting. After Kidcund was born I got a popup asking if I wanted to keep her or adopt her out (I obviously kept her). Sims in the medical career also show up to the hospital (wearing normal clothes, thank god).

Vacation Worlds

There are a lot of new vacation worlds included in this pack!

The first place Felony went to was the alien planet of Tau Ceti. She bought a ticket at the counter and went to space in that rocket.

Here's the hotel I chose to stay at. Sims are basically stuck at their hotel. They can go on tours and that's it. I don't remember the name of this hotel, but one of them was called WooHoo World.

Upon her arrival, Felony was greeted by several alien ladies in matching outfits. She was immediately smitten and gained 3 bolts of attraction with all of them. Tau Ceti is apparently home to a massive lesbian polycule, because all the aliens were flirting with each other and nobody got mad about cheating. Some of them even got engaged!

Felony hit it off with three lovely aliens, Suzie (blonde), Sierra (brunette) and Saryn (black hair) Starglow. Despite having the same last name, they are not related to each other. Maybe it's just a common last name on their planet. I started calling them her three weed smoking girlfriends as a reference to one of the best Tumblr posts ever made. I should have them all use the Sim in a Bubble from earlier.

I don't have any pictures of her, but there's also an NPC called Barbarella who your Sims can meet on tours.

The next trip Felony took was to West World, and she brought Suzie and Saryn with her (Sierra couldn't come).

The hotel.

Suzie and Saryn showed up in these hideous outfits. Are those legwarmers or are they like attached to the jeans?

There was a surprise at the hotel... THE HORSES. They are actually good! Sims can ride them, and they're actually animated! They sleep on the ground. Sims can also ride them to community lots.

West World is likely a reskinned Takemizu Village, because the secret lot here functions basically the same as Takemizu's. It was quite odd having "Sheriff Annie" teach the Dragon Legend instead of the Wise Old Man.

The two souvenirs available to buy.