I know I said I would watch Zelda next, but I haven't really had a lot of time for it lately. Also I kind of want to watch it with friends. So I decided that today we would take a look at some weird video game commercials. Maybe this can be the start of a series!

Also, the embedded videos probably won't work on some browsers but it lets you view them in another tab. Stupid YouTube.

Yoshi's Island SNES

First, we've got one for Yoshi's Island on the SNES. I love Yoshi's Island even though Baby Mario's crying can get SO ANNOYING. The commercial promises "huge Yoshi tricks" while a man eats so much food he explodes. I think we have another victim of 90s gross-out marketing on our hands. If I was working at that restaurant I would quit my job.

Yoshi's Island GBA

Everyone knows that Yoshi committed tax fraud, but did you know he also did property damage? The little green criminal totaled a woman's car with one of his eggs and nobody did anything about it! LOCK HIM UP!

Mario 64 Got Milk

"Kids, where did all the milk go? I just bought it yesterday!"

I like how this one implies that players of Mario 64 aren't directly controlling Mario but merely commanding him. I used to drink a ton of milk as a kid but I never got any special powers, I just got calcium.

Mario Kart Super Circuit

I find it hilarious how marketing people in the 90s and 2000s tried so hard to make these cute little games look edgy. Starting at 1:00, we see Toad become a victim of vehicular manslaughter and get taken into an ambulance. Rest in peace Toad, you will be missed.

Zelda 1

Sometimes I wonder who was encouraged to buy the game after seeing a strange commercial like this.

"Mom, we have to buy this game! I saw some weirdo screaming about it on TV!"

This guy is probably having some sort of Nintendo-themed acid trip.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I'll hopefully see you soon! Check out the Cbox if you want to leave a comment.