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My subconcious is very strange!

I hope you enjoy reading about it :0

Katie's Dream Journal

I have a lot of dreams. Here I will share them with the world! Some are taken from my high school dream journal, but others are more recent.


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6/8/20: Sonic vs. Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog had to fight a larger, more powerful Sonic. The arena was a large glass cube. The enemy Sonic had a strange weapon that resembled a long spear that curled at the end. The tip of the spear was also red hot! Later, the real Sonic was about to lose, so I somehow changed the enemy Sonic's moves like he was a Pokemon. I gave him really pathetic moves like throwing dirt. The real Sonic won the battle.

2019: Frog Show

There was a new cartoon on Netflix called Frog Show. The main characters were a light green frog and a dark green frog. They were anthropomorphic but did not wear clothes. The plot of the show mainly centered around the two frogs getting into wacky hijinks. Later, my mom became the showrunner of Frog Show and ruined it. It just wasn't any good after she started working on it.

8/20/22: Teleportation

I had a map of the world and I could use it to teleport to any country like fast travel in a video game. I used the map to go to Japan with my sister and we had a great time shopping and eating at a restaurant.


I think I had this dream because of college starting again. It started with me waking up at 6 AM for a zoom meeting on my phone. I was trying to hide my face because the meeting was going on while I was still in bed with my pajamas on. The professor had put me in this group with two guys. Somehow they appeared in my house and were really mean to me. I was so upset I contacted the professor and asked to be placed in another group. Then I had another dream about working in a grocery store that was also part of an amusement park. I walked past a rollercoaster and saw several riders in weird costumes. There was also a petting zoo full of guinea pigs and I got to pet some of them.


It was almost Christmas, and I was rushing to the store to buy gifts for 3 of my IRL friends. They were really weird random objects that I can't really remember. The store I went to was a grocery store, but it had a big section full of animals. There was a cage full of ravens and there were rabbits and other small animals. Earlier in the dream I remember making a list of Christmas movies to watch and panicking because there wasn't enough time to watch them all.


I remember watching Captain N, one of the weird Nintendo shows from the 80s. It was a lot more emotional than the actual show and I woke up with a little tune from the episode playing in my head. Then I was trying to get into the passenger seat of my parents' car but it was parked extremely close to a white car and I hit it when I opened the door.


I was playing The Sims 2, and my sims were in university. Suddenly, one of them gave birth to 6 children! I immediately went to my Discord server to ask some friends for name suggestions. One of the names they came up with was Mulder like the guy from The X Files. I distinctly remember the screen that popped up prompting me to name 3 baby boys and 3 baby girls.


There was a new episode of What We Do in the Shadows and it was filmed at my old high school. The episode was about a carnival and there was one of those swing rides that spin around. I was in the background of the episode riding on the swing. Then, it changed into a dream about The Sims and all I could remember was that I was playing some random family.


This is a dream I had back in June. I had 6 toes on each foot, and I lived on a spaceship. Someone had to remove my extra toes and I did not want that to happen. I was crying and screaming while they were removed and I remember having them in a little plastic bag. The removal also took place in my room at home which was still on the spaceship. The toes may have been able to be reattatched but I'm not sure. When I woke up that morning I had to make sure that I still had the right amount of toes on my feet.


I went to my local library, but part of it looked like the way it was before it got remodeled. I saw some girl complaining to a library employee about there not being any books she wanted. Then I met a guy who asked me if I wanted to write on a lock and lock it to a chain fence, which I did. The dream ended with me trying to find my parents' car in the parking lot at night with a backpack full of stuff. I was also wearing my big winter coat for some reason.


I was playing a Halloween version of the Papa Louie games where the restaurant was a haunted castle and you had to stop your zombie coworkers from eating you while also making the food. It was on the old Coolmathgames site and there were others but I can't remember what they were about.


I haven't written here in a really long time... This week I dreamt about a real Splatfest taking place at the grocery store in my town. I also had several Sims 2 beta related dreams, probably induced by my work for The Cutting Room Floor. And last night my dream was about this evil woman holding me and some other people captive in her house. I think I escaped to a boardwalk area?

2020, date unknown

This is a dream I had back in 2020, and it was very weird. My mother was getting married to... Joe Biden. I was at the wedding and I don't think I approved. He's way too old for my mom and my mom is already married to my dad. And I do NOT want to be the stepdaughter of a US President.


I had 3 dreams in one night. In the first one, I went to a weird looking school with two classrooms. In my class everyone just did whatever they want. One day a bunch of people did karate. The classroom next to us was an alternate version of my class where we were all sitting at our desks doing work. The second dream was about Sims 3 and there was a cursed house with red lights that would make your sim pregnant with a demon baby. The last dream was something I might implement in real life: I started a new page on this website dedicated to reviewing old video game cartoons. One was about the Donkey Kong Country TV show. If anyone reading this would like that page then let me know.


I was in an art building at my college and some students showed up in cosplay for no reason. The class I took was about colors and we had a weird textbook that had a story and spaces to paint on. The story was about some girl's life and we had to paint pictures related to it.