Donkey Kong Country S1: E5

Hey yo, look out down below! Here he comes BANANA SLAMMA Kongo Bongo's hero!

Before we get into this, let's have a quick look at the cast of characters.

Not pictured: King K. Rool, the main villain of the series.

The episode opens with Funky, Bluster, and Diddy all dancing while K. Rool looks on. Cranky interrupts them to explain that this is Kongo Bongo's annual ceasefire between the Kongs and the Kremlings. He asks DK to make a speech, but DK is too busy eating bananas to say something meaningful.

Bluster calls DK a sorry excuse for a ruler, and when Diddy objects, points out that he’s the future owner of a company while Diddy gets nothing. Diddy is not amused.

K. Rool turns to his henchman and tells him about a secret plan to make sure DK never becomes the ruler of Kongo Bongo Island, and then Candy Kong enters. K. Rool puts his plan into action: he throws a banana peel on the ground so Candy will trip on it and blame DK. She breaks up with him because of this. I’m not joking.

Hey look, it’s the funny meme scene! DK is miserable. His girlfriend “blasted him” (that’s a direct quote) and things will only get worse for him. He’s not very bright, so he is easily convinced to go surfing by K. Rool.

He takes Funky’s best surfboard to the ocean and just leaves it unattended. Because he’s so dumb, the Kremlings steal it. Funky is PISSED.

K. Rool has something else cooking. One of his henchmen can do a perfect DK impression, so he’s sent out to the log DK and Dixie are sitting on. DK mentions how he used to come there with Candy before she dumped him. The Kremling starts… hitting on her as DK. FBI OPEN UP!

He’s right next to her, how does she not notice the difference in sound! The Kremling kreeper tells her to “put a lip lock on me” as DK, which rightfully makes her mad. She storms off and threatens to tell Diddy what “DK” just did. There’s a lot of relationship drama in this one. Also, DK did NOT hear anything the Kremling said, so was he speaking at a volume only Dixie can hear?

K. Rool’s henchmen destroy Cranky’s lab while he’s asleep and plant a banana peel there to pin the crime on DK. It doesn’t look that bad though.

Everyone now hates DK. Cranky strips him of his title of Kongo Bongo’s future ruler, and it goes to a very excited Diddy.

DK is shipped off to the White Mountains as punishment. Are they just leaving him there to die? He’s mostly upset about the lack of bananas there.

Here comes the best part: the episode’s song. This show actually has some good songs. Here it is!

Now that Diddy is in charge, K. Rool plans for an easy victory. Diddy and Dixie almost kiss but are interrupted by spectral Cranky. He makes Diddy risk his life to defend Kongo Bongo, and another song starts. Diddy is not as good of a singer as DK.

Bluster and Candy are under attack! Only when their lives are in danger do they want DK back. Diddy shows up to get rid of him, but they just shoot him with tiny blue things.

Meanwhile on White Mountain, DK experiences that classic cartoon trope of a character hallucinating their favorite food.

Everyone’s in trouble, but then DK shows up to save the day! He scares off the Kremlings and they all like him again. But they never find out the truth about what happened, and Funky NEVER gets his surfboard back.

What did we learn today? Well, if your friends are mad at you, they’ll instantly forgive you if you save them when they’re in trouble!