Good evening... And welcome to my Lemon Demon shrine!


Lemon Demon is a "musical project and band" created by Neil Cicierega in 2003 (the same year I was born! Feel old yet?). It's kind of hard to describe because it's a band but also just one guy. I started listening around 2018 and he quickly became one of my favorite musicians. Wikipedia describes Lemon Demon as "pop rock, alternative rock, and indie rock".

Lemon Demon has released 7 albums: Clown Circus, Live from the Haunted Candle Shop, Hip to the Javabean, Damn Skippy, Dinosaurchestra, View-Monster, Nature Tapes, and Spirit Phone. There's also a Christmas album, I Am Become Christmas. Unfortunately, most of his early stuff is not on Spotify so I haven't really listened to a lot of it.

My favorite albums!

Spirit Phone is the first Lemon Demon album I listened to. It has so many amazing songs with great stories behind them. View-Monster is really fun to listen to and also has one of my all time favorite Lemon Demon songs.