Monarch Butterfly 2
Frogbog Island is home to many different villagers. Scroll down to read all about them!
Birthday: October 20 Personality: Jock
Antonio has been on the island since the very first day. He enjoys working out and telling me all about his muscles. I get him exercise equipment for his birthday.
Birthday: April 22 Personality: Sisterly
Like Antonio, Pheobe has lived on Frogbog since the first day. She has taught me many DIY recipes and is great to be around.
Birthday: January 18 Personality: Lazy
Sherb likes to talk to bugs and eat snacks. I think that he is one of the cutest villagers on the island.
Birthday: April 28 Personality: Normal
Ava's catchphrase is "Beaker". Her and I have matching dresses!
Birthday: January 13 Personality: Peppy
Puddles is the island's resident pop star. She loves to sing her favorite K.K. Slider songs!
Birthday: November 17 Personality: Snooty
Mallary seems stuck-up at first, but shows her nicer side when you get to know her. I get a lot of fashion tips from her!
Birthday: February 7 Personality: Lazy
Boomer always dresses like a pilot, but I'm not sure if he knows how to fly a plane. I love penguin villagers so I'm very happy to have him on Frogbog.
Birthday: October 26 Personality: Smug
Eugene dresses like a rock star, but his house looks like it's for a secret agent. I wonder what he could be hiding...
Birthday: August 23 Personality: Normal
Nana is just the sweetest little monkey! She enjoys sitting under her favorite trees to read a book.
Birthday: November 1 Personality: Cranky
Butch used to be kind of mean, but now that we are friends I can see that he cares about me.