Donkey Kong Country S1: E21


DK and Diddy are relaxing outside the ancient temple of Inka Dinka Doo. They both agree that it's been there forever, or as DK puts it, longer than forever, but then Diddy wonders who built it.

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They go inside the temple and this stone idol refuses to answer them. DK tells it that a secret is no fun unless you share it with someone, and then it turns its head and shoots back with "Donkey Kong... Share... Everyone...". DK has problems with keeping secrets due to his lack of intelligence. He told the whole island about when Diddy and Cranky had a rash. Gross.


We then cut to K. Rool and one of his soldiers, Klump, discussing something called Project X. It's so secret that the guy assembling it has to do it with his eyes closed in the dark.

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DK and Diddy are back home, and they ask Cranky for information about the temple. He refuses to give them the answer. Then Candy and Dixie show up and are extremely obvious about planning a surprise for DK and Diddy.


Then, Funky appears! They ask him if he knows who built the temple of Inka Dinka Doo, and Funky claims he Inka Dinka does! According to Funky, the temple was built by. . . . . ALIENS! Or as he calls them, "interplanetary visitor dudes".

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This leads into the episode's song, which I keep listening to because it's really catchy. "Interplanetary Visitor Dudes"

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Diddy and DK are officially freaked out. Or are they? They laugh about it while swinging on vines, but guess what they see after they crash into a tree and probably break a few bones? A UFO!

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The UFO flies around Kongo Bongo for a while, and then it's revealed to be K. Rool's Project X on a test flight. One of his guys was inside of it, but it didn't look like he was controlling it. It looked like he was shoved inside.


The next day, the two DKs try and warn everyone about the "aliens" but nobody believes them. Candy, Dixie, and even Cranky brush them off, claiming that they're going to be late for a "hair appointment". I don't know why, but they chose to give DK extremely cursed teeth in this scene.

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Funky's house is cool. I like how he has neon lights everywhere. He lifts the house in the air so they can have a private discussion, but DK and Diddy hear them anyway, so what was the point?

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DK and Diddy hear about their secret plan and jump to the conclusion that everyone's brains have been taken over by INTERPLANETARY VISITOR DUDES! Diddy rushes off to find a bunch of green bananas (what Funky told them was the cure) while DK stays behind. The other Kongs spot DK and drop a bunch of surfboards(?) on him because they think he was spying on them. He threatens to attack them, but they try and tell him that they aren't brainwashed.


Funky reveals that he got all the alien stuff from a movie he saw on "The Late, Late, Late, Late Show". I guess they have TV on Kongo Bongo. But did it star humans, apes, or crocodiles? Guess what? The others weren't brainwashed, they were just planning a surprise party for Diddy's birthday. They didn't tell DK because as I mentioned before, he can't keep a secret. But this time he "double DK promises" to not tell Diddy. I don't trust him.


DK wanders over to Diddy to tell him that there's no aliens, but he can't be convincing without spoiling the surprise. All he did was make Diddy think he was an alien.


Diddy spots Klump and tells him about all his conspiracies, but Klump just laughs until he sees Project X. Now he's a believer. Oh boy, another song! This time K. Rool sings it. The power of song easily convinces Diddy to give K. Rool the Crystal Coconut. Who knew he was so easily manipulated?

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DK startles Diddy just as he grabs the Crystal Coconut, and a chase scene starts.


DK decides to pretend to be an alien to lead Diddy to his surprise party at the temple, and then Diddy faints when everyone shouts "Surprise!" What a crappy birthday.