I feel like it's a rite of passage to watch this show, and I'm finally doing it. It's like the definition of "so bad it's good". You get to experience it too!

Before we start, let's get one thing out of the way:


He says this TWENTY-NINE TIMES throughout the entire show. 80s TV writers LOVED their annoying catchphrases. I read somewhere that kids were mainly just excited that their favorite game was on TV, but there was probably at least one kid who got way too into the game and was pissed at all the changes.

Since this is technically part of the Mario show, it always opens on the Mario Bros. rap. It claims that they're "not like the others who get all the fame", but even in 1989 Mario and Luigi were two of the most recognizable video game characters. And it always bothers me that the star turns him into Fire Mario. That's NOT HOW IT WORKS!


This episode is called "The Ringer." Link wakes up and he's sooo pissed about having to sleep in a nice bed instead of the mud. Since he doesn't wear any pants to bed, the animators had to painstakingly make sure it never went up. Compared to the official art, he looks 17 going on 35.


"Aren't I sweet?"


Then he immediately catcalls Zelda. Got to fill this show with good and nice examples for kids. /s


This castle must have some weak-ass security, because a bunch of moblins are able to easily get in. Link fights them off, completely pantsless. They break the framed portrait of Zelda he has hanging up for some reason, but like a minute later you see it in the background unharmed. I love animation errors!

I wish I could embed clips of this show because the dialogue is something else. It's like what a kid would write after playing the game for an hour.


Now we get to see Ganon. To avoid having killing and violence in this show, when enemies are defeated they are teleported to this weird ball thing. Swords and bows also shoot laser beams like a gun. There's a magician contest going on, so Ganon decides to enter in order to get the Triforce.


He makes a palanquin that is carried by 4 skeletons, who are then given robes to hide the fact that they are skeletons.


One of the magicians at this contest made a spell that removes the stench from his socks. There's also a fairy companion character named Spryte with a Y who is in love with Link. Girl, you're like 3 inches tall. It would never work out.


Look at the little lizard! :)

Screenshot-2024-03-17-135137 Screenshot-2024-03-17-135247

It doesn't stay like that for long. Ganon turns it into a dragon and they have to fight it.


Ha, Spryte thinks she has a chance of stopping Ganon from stealing even though she could be squished like a bug. Obviously she doesn't succeed.


Ooh, check out those moves, I'm soooo scared.


They fight him off, the episode ends, and then it's time to DO THE MARIO!

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