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Sims 3 was the first Sims game I ever played. I was 6 and it was either late 2009 or very early 2010. My older sister showed it to me and we made ourselves. Eventually I got my own copy of the game and the rest was history. It might be because I grew up with it, but I am an avid defender of this game and its graphics. Sure, I have to run the game with minimal custom content so it doesn't take an entire lifetime to load, but it's fun and that's all that matters.

Best Moodlets

Moodlets are icons Sims 3 uses to show how your Sims are feeling. Here are some moodlets that I think have the best icons. Roll over with the mouse to see their names.

Worst Moodlets

Some moodlet icons can be a little... strange.


Every Sims game is full of glitches, and Sims 3 is no exception.

Girl Doll Dressed was a piece of broken CC that somehow attached itself to stuff from The Exchange. She reportedly caused players to lose entire saves! I was safe from her because I was deemed too young to use the social features of TS3.

Here's where things start to delve into body horror. The centaur outfit was CC set for all categories including "naked". Because of that, many players were surprised when their sims morphed into centaurs while showering or bathing.

Not even babies were safe... Bad CC was probably the culprit for most of these. Why did badly made CC cause such horrifying results in this? Bad CC in Sims 2 usually just made the game crash.

Now that I've covered some of the most well known bugs, it's time to share some of my own glitch stories! Most of these happened on an old computer so I have no photographic evidence :( Also, these happened in an unmodded game, but it was probably fried from excessive use of testingcheatsenabled true. I can probably type that cheat with my eyes closed.

  • Sims would sometimes not age after blowing out candles on a birthday cake.
  • Pets would mail wedding gifts.
  • Sims took a REALLY long time to change outfits. Pausing sometimes helped.
  • The cane from Generations made elders shrink down to the size of children.
  • Sims would get stuck in the Seasons photo and face painting booths.
  • A teenager randomly turned invisible.
  • Blank notifications sometimes popped up.

Best Features

Enough negativity and poking fun, let's say something nice about this game!